Portneuf Valley Partners

Portneuf Valley Partners

We are a group of people with pride in the Portneuf Valley who have a desire to make it an even better place to live.  We have a common goal of promoting pride and making our valley a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming place to live.

Vision Statement

To create in the Portneuf Valley a living environment where pride, enrichment of growth and opportunity, harmony, beauty, and service are fostered and sustained.

Mission Statement

The mission will be accomplished by bringing together leaders and representatives from all organizations in the Portneuf Valley. This includes faith communities, city and county government, schools, service clubs, private and public agencies, neighborhoods, and individual citizen ownership in the common objective expressed in the Vision Statement. Focus will be on individual private properties, neighborhoods, business sites, city and county properties and corridors. The effort will be driven by a master plan, greater education and awareness of the need and opportunities, shared vision and motivation, complementing and assisting individual and organizational objectives, proper and positive enforcement of the city and county codes, and the employment of service, where needed, from all entities in the community.  Portneuf Valley Partners will provide a mechanism where projects beyond the capabilities of a single group or individual can be planned, staffed, and executed. It will assist the community in developing and enhancing the capabilities of service organizations. Portneuf Valley Partners will seek to embrace “The Importance of One and the Power of Many” as it’s core value.

Many different entities are represented by members of Portneuf Valley Partners:

  • Wide range of private businesses
  • City of Pocatello
  • City of Chubbuck
  • Bannock County
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Faith Communities
  • Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship
  • Porteneuf Greenway