Portneuf Valley Partners

Brooklyn’s Playground

B y far the largest and most difficult Valley Pride project. Engaging the entire community in fundraising activities, we were able to raise almost three quarters of a million dollars in cash and in-kind donations to build this areas only all-access playground. A sub-committee of Valley Pride, Brooklyn’s Buddies, continues to operate replacing broken equipment and overseeing clean-ups at the playground.



The stack of volunteer sign-up sheets for build week.


One of the fund-raising efforts was the sale of engraved pickets that surround the playground.


This mural was designed by a local artist.


A huge crowd turned out for the opening day of the playground.


Brooklyn’s father, Johnny, and mother, Melissa, with Brooklyn at the dedication.



Anniversary Celebration/Fundraiser

The third Saturday in September of every year we will hold our annual Anniversary celebration fundraiser.  In 2013, the Chiefs and Leadership Pocatello combined efforts to help run the 2nd year anniversary fundraiser. The fundraiser was called Brooklyn’s Buddies’ Breakfast and was an instant success.  With their help, a lot of pancakes, sausage and eggs were served and raised over $2,000 for the long-term maintenance of the Playground.

Spring Cleanup

The annual cleanup for Brooklyn’s Playground is held each year around the beginning of May. Volunteers can help with staining rooftops, painting boards, raking bark, cleaning garbage, pulling weeds, planting flowers, etc.  The exact date of the event will be released in late April of each year.

Security System

Visitors to Brooklyn’s Playground are very grateful to the community for their continued care and careful watch over the facility.  In order to ensure the playground is around for years to come, a security system was installed of 2014.  The security system consists of several cameras strategically placed around the playground’s perimeter to capture all images.  After hours, when the park is closed, the motion detecting lights will be activated.  If there is any activity after hours, the lights will turn on and a warning will be issued through a loud speaker that the park is closed and the premises need to be cleared.  The added security and continued community support will ensure others use the playground in the manner in which it was designed.  Generous donations from Idaho Central Credit Union and Dorsey Hill made the security system possible.