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Jay Colonel, Honorary Director

  • Jay Colonel, Honorary Director

  • Jay grew up in New Richmond, Ohio, a river town 21 miles upriver from Cincinnati.  He came out to Pocatello in 171 to attend ISU and never left.  He is more of a “Spud than a Buckeye” anymore.  While at ISU, Jay served as Senator and VP of ASISU.  He graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor’s in Speech.  Jay has been in banking for 38 years always in Southeastern Idaho and the last 12 years with Ireland Bank.

    Jay is a member of the Pocatello Chubbuck Chamber of commerce’s Airport Committee, the City of Pocatello River Committee, is a member of ISU’s Bengal Athletic Boosters and the Pocatello Rotary Club.  He is also a member if ISU’s Almuini Association and served on the Alumni Board and is a Past President.

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