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Shelley Goings, Honorary Director

  • Shelley Goings, Honorary Director

  • Shelley Goings, a long-time resident of Nevada was lucky enough to be relocated in 2009 to Pocatello by her employer of 18 years, Sunbelt Communications, the then owners of KPVI News 6. She led the team at KPVI until its sale in 2014. Shortly after moving into the Portneuf Valley, Shelley attended a volunteer symposium at Idaho State University where she heard a presentation by Jonny Fisher on his dream to build an all-access playground in our valley. Knowing she had to do everything she could to help Jonny realize his dream, Shelley approached Valley Pride about helping with the fundraising and the rest is history. Shelley fell in love with the volunteer culture exhibited in Pocatello and Chubbuck and tries to volunteer at least one day per week. When asked about her favorite part of volunteering with Valley Pride, she responds “I am truly blessed to be able to surround myself with so many great and giving people! I love this group and feel as though I am surrounded by family.”



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