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Sherri Matson, Secretary

  • Sherri Matson, Secretary

  • Sherri Matson is a homemaker and loves being involved in the community.  She is married to Mark and they have three sons, three “daughters” and seven wonderful grandchildren.  She loves to bake cookies and she is an organizing junkie.

    Sherri first heard of  Valley Pride during the planning and building of Brooklyn’s Playground.  She was co-chair of the food committee for Build Week.   After a week of serving those who were working so hard on building the playground, she became acquainted with some wonderful volunteers and great members of our community.  Many of the organizers and build captains were members of Valley Pride and Sherri was excited to continue the friendships made during Build Week.  Sherri became a member of Valley Pride in 2011.

    Through her association with Valley Pride, Sherri has learned that there is much one can do in the community to make a difference, one just has to step out of their comfort zone and get involved.  Valley Pride is all about making our city inviting to others and making it the best place for our families to live.


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