Portneuf Valley Partners

Pocatello Creek Hillside

vp-rock-1 B egun in 2007, the Pocatello Creek Road Hillside beautification project is a collaboration with Valley Pride, the Idaho Department of Transportation, and the City of Pocatello to prevent the growth of weeds and other unplanned vegetation on Pocatello Creek Road in the area just off the I-15 offramp.

Retaining wall and Welcome sign

To begin, we worked to have a mural representing our surrounding mountains frame a welcome sign on the retaining wall on the north side of Pocatello Creek Road just west of I-15.



Building the access road

After the retaining wall was finished, the City built an access road above the sign, to allow maintenance crew vehicles in to clean up this main entrance to Pocatello.




That’d make a great Eagle Scout project…

The next steps involved an Eagle Scout project headed by then 14-year-old Geoffrey Dye. He planned the landscaping, coordinated the equipment and volunteers, and did what Valley Pride had worked toward for years. Using funds that Valley Pride obtained through a grant from the Ifft Foundation, Geoffrey bought 50 trees from Changing Seasons Home and Garden in Pocatello, arranged for the City of Pocatello crews to dig the holes, and assembled volunteers to plant the trees. The new access road allowed city employees to water the trees during the winter of 2014, and a drip irrigation system was installed in the spring of 2015.

Geoffrey Dye, working toward his Eagle Scout, took charge of the beautification project and achieved one of the goals that Valley Pride has had for years.

Time to plant some trees. Volunteers gather together to plant trees along Pocatello Creek Road.